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my first post - ageing question

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hello everyone and thank you to google for helping me find this place :D I have spent a few days reading and have learned some good stuff.

Back ground info on me - 29 years of age female with mild (it doesnt feel mild) what some would call whiteheads (nasty little bumps all over my face) acne and cysts on various odd places but never on the face, ohhh and I have been lucky enough to have been dealing with acne since about age 13!!

My question is this - due to the fact that I have tried just about every acne med out on the market - both over the counter and perscrip. I have a lot of age damage to my skin. Fine lines around the eyes, and smile lines. I know this is mostly from BPO and Rentin A. Is there anything I can do to help with this issue?

I use under eye creams but guess what they clog the pores around my eyes!!!!

Its not fun having acne and looking like im much older than 29 :D

I will be starting accutane in a few weeks to see if this can be the final cure for my acne.

Maybe I should just wait until Im done with the accutane and then get some laser treatments or something for the eye area. (yes I know I have to wait for a while).

Thanks for any and all help


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I sympathize! I'm almost 31... don't you think it's only fair that we should be able to get rid of acne before getting wrinkles?!

I bought "OLAY total effects intensive restoration treatment" about 2 weeks ago. It's in a black tube (inside a box) and costs about $17... (we should really be working in the cosmetics industry $$$). It lasts a LONG time though.

I bought it after reading reviews on epinions.com (hopefully not posted by people who benefit$$$$).

I'm getting laugh lines around my eyes (damnit, I've got to stop laughing!) and forehead lines (thanks, dad)


Because I stare obsessively at my tiny wrinkles standing 1 centimeter from the mirror, I think I'll be able to see any improvements. I'm crossing my fingers. We'll see.... [-o< :D

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retin-a helps maintain youthful skin, so don't blame that. how often do you go out in the sun? hmmmmm

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I do realize that Retin A is suppose to be great for anti aging - but the only thing I found was that it dried out my skin, no peeling just made it super dry, and it made me look like crap most of the time.

I have SUPER SUPER sensative skin and just about everything seems to dry me out, and not in a good way. The drier my skin gets the more I break out.

I do not spend time in the sun, as I am slightly obsessed with staying young looking for as long as possible.

Thanks for the suggestions and thoughts :(

Kisses and hugs


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hi trixie...

From what I've read so far, it seems only lasers/ ipl , glycolic/lactic acid or plastic surgery can give you the effect you are looking for....

best of luck!

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I used to use all the mary Kay anti-aging products. Now, i just use Cetaphil liquid cleanser, 2.5% BP, and a moisturizer. I am 35 (been dealing with acne since age 11). I am now clear of pimples, etc. I also have noticed a great improvement in the texture of my skin and a visible improvement in the lines around my mouth and eyes.

I think accutane will make your skin very dry & hence, will make the aging issue worse.

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I have also experienced some signs of aging, perhaps as a result of some products I've used before. However, I'm a 36-year-old male, so my situation might be different from that of a young lady like you. What I've found is that smile lines appear very early in most people because smiling is such a common thing to do. Many very attractive women I know who are in their mid-twenties have smile lines around the eyes and mouth, but this doen't really look bad, in my opinion. As long as they take care of their skin and don't get the kind of leathery skin associated with sun-exposed skin, it looks fine. As for me, I realized early on in my teens that certain facial expressions create lines, so I avoid certain facial expressions such as frowning to avoid having more lines than necessary. Moreover, I use a sunscreen, avoid the sun as much as possible, and exercise regularly. I actually have managed to stay quite young-looking and I even get carded at some dance clubs. In addition, you should always treat the skin gently. Wash it gently and, if you can clear up your acne without overdrying the skin, so much the better. Tell your dermatologist that you're interested in clearing up your acne while minimizing dryness or apparent aging. Some of the early signs or aging can actually be reversed or minimized. Maintaining your skin healthy (but not dry) can soften lines. Moreover, keep in mind that certain signs of aging that you notice might not be noticed by other people, and, even if they are, they might not appear to others as being unattractive. Keep a positive attitude and keep in mind that attractive women like Madonna, Kim Basinger, and Sharon Stone don't look like college girls but they have a certain beauty and elegance that only comes with age.

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:D Hey, crazycat!

You should hang out in the Lounge section. It's the best. No one cares about any stupid acne here. It can really be fun. :D

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Speaking only for Madonna because I know her derm. She is a laser fanatic. That's what keeps her skin looking so young. And ya thought they were natural, huh! =;

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