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Hi. I just registered, and this is my first post here. Anyway, im a 17 year old male. I have suffered from acne for about 5 years now. I have tried many medicines, including ProActiv(what a joke), RetinA, some other creams, and two anti-bacterials. None of them worked. Actually simple over the counter stuff works just as well, which isn't very well at all. My acne isn't bad some times, but i would say that most of the time it is bad. I honestly blame acne for many of my social problems such as not being confident in myself, etc. I am even more fed up w/ it now that i have a girlfriend, which i guess is strange. But she is amazing and i feel that she deserves someone as good looking as possible since she is absolutely beautiful.

so is accutane worth it? im not really worried about the side effects if it actually works. i am soo tired of waking up every morning afraid to look in the mirror, not knowing what your going to look like. i just want it to be done w/.

also, how much does it cost? this isn't really that much of an issue, but might effect me being able to convince my mom. please, i just want to be happy and confident, and getting rid of acne WILL do that for me. thank you for any advice

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I was in the same boat- tried everything. EVERYTHING. I was nervous at first about accutane, hearing such terrible things about it. It was so worth it, though! My attitude changed...I started to think differently. I know what you mean about not wanting to look in the mirror. Now I have clear skin, and I can worry about other things :)

I was lucky to have insurance, so it was incredibly cheap for me- only $7.00 a month. Without it, it is near $400, I think.


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yeah just hope you have insurance because you need to take monthly blood tests and derm visits.......plus the pills like the person below said are expensive like 400 or more

but it's worth it

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umm, well i dont have insurance. for some reason my mom doesn't think its worth paying for it...which really sucks(thankfully i never get sick)

i know there are generic brands of accutane, do they work as well? isn't it basically the exact same thing except cheaper? has anyone here ever taken the generic brands?

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