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Is moisteriser nessasary ?????

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Ever since a football injury (around the start of June) where I had torn the tendon in my hip playing Football (soccer for you others), I broke out really bad.

My face was practically clear, I had one pimple on my right cheek.

Then I think out of boredom I popped it or I just broke out, I can't remember. A whole army of pimples gathered on my face. I think the combination of no excercise for three months ( I could bearly walk for a month ) and a bad diet really screwed things up.

So my face got bad, I broke out more and more. I've used a whole lot of sh'it every day twice a day for 6 months ( thats uptil now ) and really nothing changed, but nothing got worse, the pimple's from before wouldn't go away ( some have cleared up now, but scars remain ).

So when I came across this site, I'm at the point where I had tried everything and nothing worked.

So I got the BP out, which was among the barrage of other failed over the counter products I used and started on the regimine.

I thought since my skin is now so freaking tough, I didn't need to use the moisteriser. So I use the BP and as I predicted, no redness or iching.

I've been doing the regmine for a week, ( sometimes twice a day, other times once ) and I'm wondering.

If I used moisteriser would the results be any better ? I don't like the look of moisteriser because it makes my face look oily, but if it improves results I'll settle for it.

Also i'm often physically active now, sweat would wash away all the pimple stuff away right ? So I would have to put it on again after excerise which I havn't. But I guess running makes it better.

The sun would help too.

I'll add some things that have worked for me after I get some replies. Other than that, I'd like your opinion on the moisteriser matter.

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Well, properly balanced skin is healthier, so yea, a moisturizer is generally necessary. Once a day for sure, optional to use it twice a day.

As for sweating off the bp and moisturizer, yea, that can happen, you can consider scheduling your Regimen after your exercise program/soccer.

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