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humidity and vacations

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i just wanted to say that i recently went to San Francisco and we had a dance rehearsal in one of the rooms at a hotel we were staying at ....and boy was it humid in there for some reason...like really really sticky sweat dripping down your face humid...especially from the dancing we were doing....and that day i had 3 huge pimples....not to mention the old left over marks on my face ....and the next day when i woke up my skin was rejuventated and almost pimple free..it was so weird!....i thought the opposite would happen from all the sweat and oil

and also....

i went to Philippines this summer and my goodness it was as humid as the San Francisco hotel room! except it was humid everywhere....and i went there with my usual acne...and once again the next day it was almost gone...then the rest of the 2 weeks i was there i didn't get any pimples!..this never happened to me before...there were even nights where i was forced to sleep with make-up on and i still didn't have pimples the next day...very weird


when i got back home i bought a humdifier....i tried not to leave my room....i let it get super hot in here...but for some reason all i felt was hotness and mist which left my skin dry ...i never got a sticky feeling like in SF and Philippines....so then my skin would get slightly flaky ...absolutely no improvement this way


i've been drinking green tea every day....3-5 times....for about 2 months...and my skin has been a bit better..i'll get a little pimple every now and then and a few more around my period...but not like before...and i haven't gotten sick...which i always am...and feel a little better about my skin....not a miracle but an improvement

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Hmm...I moved from Alabama (very humid) to southern california (san diego in the summer, orange county now) in june and my skin went nuts. I actually didn't have bad acne the last couple of years of high school but when I moved after graduation it looked like my face blew up. I was hoping the dry air might fix my oiliness a bit, but it didn't really, and I went from two pimples a month to a new bad one every couple of days. It might be the smog rather than the dry air, though. And my skin never acclimated. I stuck religiously to my previous regimen that had me clear in alabama and the acne never slowed down -- I'm on prescription stuff now.

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Guest quack

i use to live in the Philippines!!

there's another post quite similar to this about "SWEATING."

i agree that humidity is pretty good for your skin. it keeps it "moisturized" in a way .. or at least prevents it from losing moisture.

maybe try steaming. i'm thinking that water plays a major role in this. the Philippines is surrounded by water and in a way, SF is too so ... in all, steaming (water+heat=sweaty humidity)

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