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Slightly OT: Other facial concerns

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This is somewhat off topic but I don't know of a better place to ask than here. If it gets me into trouble, I apologize, and welcome recommendations of where to seek help.

Beyond the acne I have a few other skin issues I've been combating all my life. Chiefly, general skin blotchiness (reddish spots/uneven skin tone) and bags/redness under my eyes. After the acne, the latter is of greatest concern to me. Here's a photo to help illustrate what I'm referring to:


I'm just curious if anyone among this vast community of individuals interested in improving skin health has any experience with any similar issues, like these. Any insights or recommendations into possible solutions, whether through dietary, lifestyle, or medical means would be astronomically appreciated.

Thanks in advance. ^^

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Hey, I am not sure if this will be of direct help to you but I have found that Pearl Powder has improved the tone and texture of my skin. Mine comes with each dose in it's own little bottle (I think this is how it is usually packaged) and I mix half of it with a drop of water and apply the paste to my face, and then mix the other half with a glass of warm water and take it internally. It wont cure acne -at least in my case- but it will make your skin smoother and less blotchy.

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