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Recently I tried the "Two Part Acne Treatment" by Nature's Cure. It's a 5% BP creme in combination with "homeopathic acne tablets". I've used many different BP's of every concentration and never once detected any difference. They all worked about the same, and dried me out about the same. But the tablets did seem to contribute to the overall effect. Immediately after running out of them I developed multiple white heads.

What I'd like to know is if there's anything else like the tablets available on the market, because they don't appear to come individually and I don't need to be purchasing the BP gel when I'm already using Dan's.

You can review the ingredients of the tablets here:


Is anyone aware of any similar products?

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Well if you go to Natural Homepothetic stores they usally sell small tables said to cure acne in a tube for about $6.99.

You can also try this expensive alternative called Loma Lux pills, but Nature's cure is cheaper and better in a way.

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**NOTE I do not endorse these products and I have only tried the B5, which I like, so I can't give any opinion on the others. I just read about them while looking for acne vitamins so it will be your desision which one you choose if any.

There are several things available but there is no way to know before hand if they will be better or as effective as the Nature's Cure (for you). I know of a few you could read about or buy:

-B5 pills/Powder www.vitacure.com

-Frutels www.frutels.com

-Derma Cleanse www.zenmed.com

-AcnEase www.acnease.com

I think that if you really like the results that you are getting you should continue to buy the Nature's Cure 2 part acne treatment BP/pills pack. You could always post on this forum that you have BP to give away or you could sell the BP on eBay in one auction. There are people who will want it. I really think this makes the most sense if you like Nature's Cure.

**Again, these are suggestions not endorsements.

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clearpores is a joke - waste of money, doesn't work. don't waste your money

As is frutels, you're better off buying Haribo gummi bears. It's the same thing, but cheaper :D

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I don't know if Frutels work or not but the fact that they are vitamins in Gummi Candy form is not the problem I would have with this product.

Flintstones Vitamins have a Gummi version and there are even vitamin gumballs for children so putting vitamins in candy is obviously possible.

What I think is more of a red flag are the directions for taking it. The website says to take it "...before going on a date or any stressful moment..."

Anyone who takes vitamins for their skin knows that you can't just take them right before an event and expect it to work. Vitamins have to build up in your system over time (long or short) to maintain results.

*So the point is to use common sense when doing your research and look up the user ratings on these and other "Vitamin Cures" by name on this website here


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