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how to follow regimen with chronic dry skin?

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'allo. I'm new to this forum and newish to the "regimen". I inherited my mom's oily skin but I've been using Benzoyle peroxide products for years already so oil has not been a problem since my teens but dry skin has become the replacement plague. My previous routine was to apply 5 or 10% benzoyle peroxide after washing my face with a wash cloth, and then follow that up with Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer. I was optimistic that switching to the regimine outlined here with the lower percentage BP in combination with the recommended Eucerin lotion might finally resolve the overdrying issues, but unfortunately I haven't seen that happen yet. I've been on it for about 3 weeks and my face is as dry as ever, probably because in spite of the lower dose I'm applying a much larger amount. There are not yet any noticable changes in my acne either, which I'm hoping has to do with the fact that I haven't quite got the technique down. I have a hard time following the instructions precisely because my skin dries up so fast between washing and applying ointments.

If anyone has any insights to offer, such as a similar experience, I'd love to hear them. And if you know of anything else I should try to eliminate my dry skin I'd appreciate whatever you can contrinute.

I was reading this thread:


as I looked for information regarding red spot removal and I noticed that some of the products there are also associated with dry skin relief. If anyone can recommend one, I'd really appreciate that too.

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I don't think I explained myself well in the above post. My main problem is this: Everytime I wash my face and pat it lightly dry, I instantly have flakes appear. The longer I wait, the more appear. Even if I put BP on straight after drying, I end up with flakes mixing in with the BP as a smear it around. So waiting 15 minutes after drying is never remotely an option.

I also have to apply so much lotion that my face remains greasy all day. If I apply an even slightly more moderate amount I have to make frequent trips to the bathroom to apply more.

I'm using the Eucerin lotion recommended on this page. I used to use Neutregina. I put BP on only in the morning, and I remoisterize at night.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on the products mentioned in the thread linked from my above post, or any recomendations of what I can use to repair the dry skin so that I can follow the regimen correctly.

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