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I got my tablets today the derm is going to start me on 10mg for the first month then work it up , i'm from australia.. i asked him why so low and he told me to see how i re act etc.

I was wondering do you guys think i will see any results within a month or anything?

Will i still be able to put colour through my hair? like peroxide?

And is there anything i should do which will make my process on this any better?


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I started on 10mg/day aswell and eventually worked my way up to 80. I think it is a really good idea just to see how your body will react. I also think it is the reason I did not have a breakout.

On 10mg/day, my face did not improve. But after about two weeks all my body acne completely disappeared never to be heard from again (it was mild to begin with though). I didn't see any noticeable improvements on my face until about the fourth month, at which point I was taking 60mg/day.

I would probably stay away from the bleach, but your derm could probably give you better advice about that. Accutane does make your hair dryer and weaker though.

As far as making the process better, you shouldn't experience much, if any, side effects at 10mg/day. I didn't notice any dryness whatsoever at that dosage. But good ideas in general are to drink LOTS of water and keep a good stick of chapstick with you at all times (and make sure you have more than one readily available). Also, expect dryness, flushing, and any other side effect you have been warned about -make sure you go in understanding and accepting the risks. Finally, don't get discouraged if you don't see results right away. I always see threads started by discouraged people because their skin has not cleared after two week, two months, or however long after taking accutane. After three months I swore that the drug wasn't working for me. Almost five months later, I know without a doubt that it has.

Good luck.

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