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help me decide please

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Okay, I know that long term members get annoyed when someone new just pops in and says tell me what to do, but I've read many many of the threads and have been visiting the scar forum for over a year now, but was too afraid to make a move. All of the options make my head spin. So, I'm asking for advice. I'm 26 years old with scars from about 6-7 years ago. I had acne, not tooo bad, but I picked A LOT. I was always squeezing and picking and making things worse. So now I have these scars and only break out with about 2-3 pimples when I start my "cycle." The worst scar is an icepick type on my cheek, the rest--about 8 of them are shallow box type scars. One of them is long, but shallow and rectangular from where I picked and two scars joined together.

Anyhow, I no longer pick (I was on some meds when I was younger that made me a little nutty--that's another story) so I want to know what I should do to improve these scars. I've have been using Retin A micro and it's okay and I also use a 30% glycolic cream like once a week. I find the retin A makes the scars spread out wider and thus become less deep, however having them become wider is disappointing because it makes them more noticeable even though they are more shallow.

From all of my research I'm leaning towards a peel, spot treatment with TCA, supercop, or augmentation with Restylne. What do you think. I'd like to spot treat moreso because I don't want my entire face to peel and flake because I have no downtime to work with really and I get EXTREMELY and self-conscious embarassed of my skin. Oh, and I cant spend tooo much money.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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restalyn is certainly going to give you an improvement, but for a very short time as i'm sure you know. it's expensive too so that doens't sound like it's what you want.

i'd say try a peeling agent (glycolic), and super cop to start out. see how much improvement you get and go on from there. TCA can be too strong to start out with in my opinion. it's a deeper peel than glycolic. see how your skin adapts to glycolic to see what type of peel you can handle.

as far as using a filler, i wouldn't use restalyne. there are much better fillers out there that last longer. if you're going to spend that $$$ you want something that has the potential of lasting up to a year or more. look into sculptra.

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