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Stievamycin + Erythromycin pills too much?

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Hi there.

Currently I'm using a prescribed medication (topical) called "Stievamycin", which is 4% erythromycin and .25% tretinoin.

It is working quite well, but the tubes are too small to cover my back and chest as well. A friend of mine is taking erythromycin pills for his acne (which has completely cleared his shoulder and chest acne as well), and since its working in topical form, I thought I might try the pills in combination with the topical.

My question is, would taking the erythromycin pills in combination with Stievamycin be too much? dangerous?

Its a godsend that Stievamycin is working at all... I'm happier than I've been in months.


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the combo is fine and is not too dangerous tho maybe you might want to try tetracycline or minocycline instead? i used erythormycin pills before and they really hurt my stomach. Also i'm prone to bronchial/athsmatic infections and because i took erythromycin for too long (doctors fault..i was 15 and didn't know better) i'm immune to erythromcyin now and can't take it when i get bronchitis..which is a problem as its the #1 drug for that infection.

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I didn't even know they make that - and I'm on erythromycin and retin-a micro (both topical) - which is basically the same thing...

the erythromycian topical cleared up my skin SOOOO much for about 4 months!! I had PERFECT skin!

THen one day it stopped working, and I got lots of under-the-skin acne, so now the derm put me back on retin-a micro (which i hateeeeeeeeee) and now my skin is oily and bad.

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I didn't have typically horrid acne to begin with; the occasional cystic, combined with surface spots - so it seems to be working well. I hope it doesn't cease in its effectiveness; I'll lose my mind hah.

I think I'll stick with just the topical for now; seems a bit over the top to use antibiotics for these things, considering the potential damage it does on the inside.

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