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my regimen for a real oily face

I'm a 19 yr old asian male. I've had breakouts since I was in 8th grade. And I was prescribed with differin, benzamycin, retin-a...and I can't remember what else. But what I learned is that benzoyl peroxide and salycic acid work best, and you should find a percentage that works with your skin. For me, it's not always best to have 10% bp like dan said.

Also...I have REALLY oily skin. Like, I can wash my face and 3 hours later, it's so oily that I can completely saturate an oil-blot sheet (gross huh). Anyway, here's my regimen that's been keeping my skin clear for quite some time:


Wash face with Neutrogena's Clear Pore cleanser/mask. It has 3.5% bp, which is perfect for me. Not too light, not too strong. Perfect. I use it as a mask twice a week. Sooo nice. It costs like $8.

After that, I use L'oreal's pure zone oil-free moisturizer ($9?). It has .6% salycic acid (kinda low..maybe I should find a different one). I was tempted to just buy the entire Pure Zone kit, but noticed the only ingrediant in all the products were different percentages of salycic acid. That's not good. I think it's best to mix up the ingrediants.

And since my skin is sooo oily, I use oil-blot sheets like every other hour (seriously, that's how oily my skin is), to remove all the excess oil (not sure if that's a cause for acne, but it sure works for me!!). That keeps my skin manageable and less shiny between the washings.

I do my regimen in the morning, in the afternoon, and right before bed.

So all you need is Neutrogena's clear pore cleanser/mask, l'oreal's step 3 pure zone moisturizer, and oil-blot sheets! Sounds simple because it is!! I love it! I also just ordered MaMa lotion for my acne scars!

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I've read that splashing one's face with salt water helps tone down oil and shine. I, too, have oily skin, I haven't tried the salt water, but I plan to. No clue if it works, just something I read a few days ago.

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The salt water splash..Interesting! Never heard of that.

Twinke.....I know what you are going through. Extremely oily skin is just as uncomfortable as extremely dry skin...it sucks.

You may want to add a natural clay mask to your routine a few times a week. It absorbs the oils so well, my skin is actually more like normal the next day, especially if left on overnight. A good one to try is Mudd Masque Original.(not 5 minute) You will actually feel it pulling that nasty oil out of your pores..this stuff is great!


BTW... The instructions say to wipe off with a damp cloth..this is impossible to do since it dries harder than a rock..!! lol

If you decide to try this..rinse it off with warm water, it comes off without a problem.

Good luck to you..

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Yea...I never heard of a salt water splash. And I've never had a mud mask before. Interesting, I'll look into those things. Thanks for tips y'all!

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I came across the salt water splash while looking something up for someone else. I'll see if I can find the link and post it. I read a lot, so I have no clue if I can find the link again, but I do remember reading it because it's something I'd like to try.

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