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Hi, I've been on the Regimen for about 3 weeks now, and have been using a Basis bar, followed by BP, and then for the first week I used Neurtogena Combination skin. Week 2 I started using Neutrogena Healthy Skin with SPF 15 and AHA at night, because it seemed to make my face greasier. Week 3 I decided to start using the AHA full time day and night, and it seems that my face is breaking out in the same spots I broke out in about 2 weeks ago. Does anyone think this might be the AHA moisturizer? Should I stay using the AHA to avoid the dry flakes, or go back to the AHA at night and the Combination during the day?

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it may be, adding in anything can cause changes. Try going back to the product you were using before, and then wait until you are clear before adding in something new. That Neutrogena healthy skin is pretty potent AHA, and may be causing irritation which can = more acne.

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I haven't used any AHA moisturizers but if you're still in the first month (or even the first couple of months) breakouts are to be expected. Week 3 and 4-5 were hell for me, after that though I've been clearing pretty consistently with minor trouble spots now and then but they seem to be becoming less frequent and less severe.

To follow the Regimen though, Dan recommends not adding ANY steps or products until you are clear... this is usually for the first 3 months unless you are exceptionally lucky.

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