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Eye Infection during isotretinoin

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i'm on a 20/20/40/40 mg a day of isotretinoin. on the last few days of my 4th month medication on 40mg a day, my left eye and my left eyeball became swollen and painful. i went to the doctor and he says eye infection because of dusts, he said i have conjunctivitis. partly, i believe him, because i sweep the house everyday, and because we live in the province which is dusty at all times. after i came back home, i rushed to the box of accutane, and read that one of the side effects of taking isotretinoin is conjunctivitis on the eye. so i thought that must be it plus maybe the doctors findings. but i'm thinking if this is a side effect of isotretinoin, why only my left eye? my right eye is doing fine. right now, i have stopped taking isotretinoin and let my left eye heal and get back to normal. but i will continue to take it on a lower dose, 10mg a day, so i can continue my medication. as of now, my face is doing fine, no zits, just blemishes and scars. i'm just afraid that if i continue medication of isotretinoin, my eye will become swollen again. doctor said, conjunctivitis will come on and off if not given the right care. this is the first time i have conjunctivitis. do you think because of isotretinoin? i need advice please. i am scared. any input will be greatly appreciated. anyone of you has similar experiences? thank you. - acneangel

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