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clinique products and accutane?

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Hey everyone, i am on day 76 of 40mg of accutane. I bought some clinique products, the 3-step skin care stuff with an added product. First i will wash my face, then apply the clarifying lotion, then the pore minimizer, then repairware under my eyes, and finally the mositurizing lotion. Has anyone used these clinique products before while on accutane?

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Heya Jessie. Not sure if the men's clinique stuff is the same, but I have used the soap and this was very drying. It was the middle strength one I think, sorry not too sure as I bought it so long ago! I also had the the men's scrubbing lotion, same as toner I think, which was very painful and should definitely not be used whilst on accutane! The soap is good, but as I say, if you have problems with dryness whilst on Accutane then stop using it. I used it for the first couple of weeks and my skin was very dry and flakey, so ended up buying a different facewash which wasn't as drying.

Hope this helps!


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i also use the soothing cream and i love it..

but the thing is ANY type of bar soap is going to be drying..

as long as those things arent harsh on your skin..

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hey there.

I'd really try to stick to a kind-to-skin approach. I've been on accutane for a few months now and I just wash my face once in the morning and once at night using 'simple' face wash (no flannel normally, just wash it around with water and then splash on water torinse off).

After washing and patting dry I apply a small dollop of 'aveno' moisturiser which is non greasy and lasts all day. I apply extra at night coz even if I overdo it then no-one willl see. :dance:

I've really had no problems with dryness on this routine

For lips having been using 'softlips' balm abd vaseline up nose!

Good luck on the tane

Love Helen xxx

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I'm using Clinique products, but i wouldn't recommend the 3 step while on Accutane, it's just too drying. The soap may be alright depending on which strength you got, but i'd definitely avoid the toner. The moisturizer is probably good though. I'd save the rest until your Accutane course is complete.

I'm washing my face with Purpose liquid, then using the Exceptionally Soothing Cream for Upset Skin as my moisturizer (it reduces Accutane-induced redness) and All About Eyes eye cream. And the Superbalm combined with Dr. Dan's Cortibalm for my lips.

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