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My derm appt is on Tuesday & I need to know something before I go...

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I have been visiting a derm every month for the past 3 months to get kenalog injections for some hypertrophic (raised) scars on my back/shoulders. Almost all of the scars are flat (although some are a bit indented now, and some are a little raised but not enough to get an injection), so I think my appt on Tuesday will be my last.

The problem is, even though my hypertrophic scars are now flat (for the most part), they are still very red. She said that the redness would go away as the scars decreased in size, but they are just as red as they were before I got the kenalog.

The thing is, I think that we all know more about scars then most of the dermatologists out there! So I need to know exactly what to ask for when I go in there, because if I ask for her opinion, she will suggest microdermabrasion or something (I've had microderm on these scars - it did nothing).

Is the redness caused by blood vessels/capallaries underneath the skin that can only be treated with lasers (and if so, are there any lasers out there that work?). Or is there a prescription cream/gel/topical that will help reduce the redness?

I am coming to you all here, because I believe you know so much about this stuff, and I want to go into my last derm appt armed with the knowledge of exactly what to ask for. Is there are certain prescription I should ask for? Or is there a certain laser(s) I should look into? Is there any peel that will help with this?

Thanks, guys! I respect your opinions and advice so much!! :wub:

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Hi Novalie -

I have some red blotchiness on my face from years of acne scars and various treatments to improve them. The dr. told me that they are from enlarged capillaries that occured during the surgeries and subsequent healing processes. There are also cases out there caused by hyperpigmentation. My dr. has recommended Intense Pulsed Light treatments or IPL. It is not a laser but an intense light treatment that gets rid of enlarged capillaries and blotchiness. I start my first of a series, min. of 3 treatments next week. I will be happy to let you know how it comes out.

The surgical nurse indicated to me that the bleaching creams were not that effective even on hyperpigmentation and would be totally ineffective on the enlarged capillaries. Unfortunately for all of us, the redness is in the scar boundary and makes the scars look either deeper or more prominent that they really are.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for your response, Dan! That helps a lot! There's nothing I find more frustration than wasting time, money, and high hopes on things that are supposed to help my scar situation and turn out to not change a thing. So far, I've invested $1200 on a series of chemical peels and microdermabrasions on my back/shoulders, as well as $$ on countless creams, gels, silicone sheets, etc.

I would love to hear how your results from the IPL turn out!! Do you plan to take before and after pictures? Did you the doc say if you would see immediately results, or does it take a while after the treatments to see the final result? Also, if you don't mind me asking, how much are you paying for the series of treatments? And is this a dermatologist who is performing this, or a cosmetic surgeon, or...?

Sorry for all the questions, Dan! I'm just really excited about the possibility of getting this fixed and putting my scars behind me for good!

Thanks again for taking the time to respond!!

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