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Inscet Bite like irratation of the skin on Accutane

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I am about to finish my accutane course of 6 months 80mg a day on Jan 4.

This last week I have noticed skin irratation in different places on my body....Including neck, arm pits, and back.

Is this because of the massive amount of accutane I have been getting the past 6 months? My skin is clear, except for 2 on my back that came up yesterday.

Anybody else have irrated skin in random parts. THey feel like bite bugs.

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you can barly see it. It is like inflammed red spots covering a few square inches.

I am just gonna hurry up and finish my 6 month course.

Lately I've been eating a lot of fast food from Burger King.... that may also be a factor. I used to eat healthy and will again.

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Thanks bro, I did some research and there was a case where a 17 year old boy had some of this eczema during his 2nd month of accutane.

Then I found this quote during a study of accutane:

"Xeroderma, dry eye syndrome, arthralgia, and possible exacerbation of eczema, were considered to be infrequent but probable long-term side-effects."

So that means this eczema can be a long term side effect. I got 5 more pills left and I am not going to do them. I am not going to risk have this skin disease as a long term side effect.

Thanks for your help:)

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