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I'm 17

I got acne when I was 14.

I got it when 14.First i didn't clean it with anything.And of course they became worse.Then I started to clean them with erytromicin.Erytromicin made my face look better a little bit.And I used E but my face didn't improve and didn't become worse.That situation was until last winter.Temperature fell around zero degreeses in the morning.And guess what..every morning I had to go to school.That made my face worse.

And at the end of january I made an experiment.I run out of erytromycin and i said to my mother not ti buy more.I had found old cremas and decided to try them on because erytromcin does't improve the situation and even makes it worse.

I was spending that cremas about a week and made me look like an actor from a horror movie.

And that week the snow fell(here it snows approximatly every 4 years) and temparature was lower than zero.

I was a demon for two months.I begged my mother to take me to dermatologist.But she always said that it won't help at all.That he would consult me an expensive regime and her friends told her that all those regimes are total failures.And I bought it.

I praid to God to send me free from acne.I was suffering mentally.I fell into religious mysticism.I thought that I ''l never get married.In a mirror you couldn't see a man because of all those acne.

People didn't make fun of me but I saw in their eyes and faces that look full of pity and disgust.

But I had a flue and my orinary doctor send me to dermatologist.Doctor proscript me expensive regime but it worked and i was going too pilling once in two weeks until summer,then i stopped.

I found some pills with vitamin B and i drink them.I sholud drink 3 per a day but i drink 5.

I live in a town that has 17000 people and we don't have a dermatologist.Nearest dermatologist is in bigger town some 150 kilometres from here.And my mother does't take me there because she can't afford wasring time and expences of trip.

I'm satisfied with my face now and I have moderate acne,I don't care abou scars because I already have them on my face and they are very viewable.

That old asshole that call himself a dermatologist didn't proscrip me accutane.

My friend who had acne as bad as I went on accutane and it seems that he never had acne.

He also went to that asshole dermatologist(who has fucking 80 years) and he didn' help him as well as me.

Than he went to more expensive doctor situated some 300 kilometres from here.He gave him accutane.

I told that to my mother but she said he is too expensive.(For information That 80 years old doctor is free cause he's in service of goverment)and taht 300 km away is expensive because we have too pay.

Asshole (80 years) told me(when I had a face swolled and red) that we can't influense on hormons and gave me some cremas and shampoons who work but not as I wanted.Come on.He should gave me accutane when he saw my red face.

In a mean while my brother was eating too much chocolate and two months ago his acne returned.

I was suffering a lot before visting derma-doctor but the worst thing was watching all those people from school that had acne like me and even worse getting rid of acne.After that they had a baby nice skin.

I was praying to God to send me free nad to send all them free but he listened only that part of a pray of reaÄ?ising others.I was desperate.I was ugly to myself and thought that i wolud never find a girl that will stand my horror face.When I congratulated something nobody except old people kissed me in a cheek.

It was frigtining even to se me.

I don't have to tell that all friends deserted me except one.

Things are changed now because of the regime and the vitamins but I still have moderate level of acne.

But now I konow who my real friends are.

You americans are lucky because you don't have to worry about the money you have to spend to heal your acne.

Once my mother said :If we had money to trough away I would buy you anything and take to every doctor


I can't get rid of acne because of my social situation.

I'm not poor in fact I'm richer than most of people in my neihbourd,I live in beautiful house,have pc,digital camera,car..

And you know what ..

Everbody's acne get better at summer.Well my get worse.Why?

Because my family and me work at field;

I do that all summer.From end of school till begining of school.I work hall day.And I'm tired hall summer.

We often wake early to go to field so we can spend as much time at sun.35 degrees.It's not pleasent.

Wind stirrs up the dirt from ground and it all goes to my face.And my skin burnes from the sun in that dirt and it's horror movie again.

I've never been on a holiday during the summer or ever.

To other kids summer means vacation but to me it means work.

I'm an excellant student in high school so as my brother.

For 1.5 year I intend to go to university and become xxx and of course get rid of acne as soon as possible.

Censorship:I wrote this story because I think nobody will know who I am,so I had to erase some details to stay anoymous.

I just want to say that as the time passes you lose touch to reality and you can't see the real condition of your face;sometimes you see it in better condition than it is and sometimes in worse.

I have some acne now but these vitamins realy helped me,and it's not bad at all.

My main problem now is red scars but they are disappearing as the time passes.

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Er....if he was born on 18 December 1988, he would be 17....

P.S. Thanks for sharing that, Mediteran-Boy. :)

true, but i still think its justin....but then again, i think every unknown user is justin.

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It doesn't matter where I live zeljo4never.

Yes it is possible for God's sake we are not in war situation like Iraq or social situation like Bolivia.

It is possible to get them but they cost.

My family have monthly income less than 1000 dollars.That's very good here because the prices in stores,the prices for electric energy and all that stuff are lower as well.

But it's not easy to give 50 dollars every month for medications,we go to school and every day my mother gives me money to buy lunch.Every day a dollar.And my mother makes lunch at home and dinner and I make a huge telephone account because of internet.

Here to live it's not bad and it's not good as well.

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