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Diet after Christmas holidays

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So, after Christmas holidays, where it's known that food isn't very light and healthy, what to do to detoxify our bodies?

Green Tea is very good, I've heard...and of course a lot of fruits and vegetables, but do you have other suggestions? Or what are you doing at the moment for your health?


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First of all, since you are on roaccutane, it is important you work on strengthening your liver because its believed that roaccutane can cause liver damage. Not tryin to worry you or anything, as my brother took roaccutane and he was fine, but just as a precaution, you should first work on your liver. Plus, liver detox is one of the most important in the whole general detox process.

To help detox your liver, I recommend you take a liver tonic, particularly Milk Thistle. You can find it in tablet form, and tea form. You can choose whatever form you like. You can find Milkt thistle in your pharmacy or health food store. Milk Thistle helps to cleanse and detox the liver along with an unrefined and natural diet. You need to drink heaps of water with this supplement. Up to 3 litres of water per day would be good enough. MT (milk thistle) can help form new liver cells and strengthen your liver(a weak liver is part of the root cause of acne). Drinking warm water with freshly squeezed lemon, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is quite beneficial in detoxing, as it stimulates your liver and also helps in digestion throughout the day. This takes me to the next part of the detox process.

To help in cleansing your digestive system, you should add a number of things in your diet. Firstly, a probiotic should be introduced to keep the number of good bacteria in your intestines to a good standard. I take Acidophilus Bifidus capsules which each contain 1 billion beneficial bacteria. Yakult, a fermented milk drink, is also quite good for your digestive system, as it also contains benefical bacteria. Dietary Fibre is also important and can be found in a vast variety of foods. Fruits, vegetables, grains etc. all contain beneficial dietary fibre. To boost your fibre intake, take Metamucil fibre drink or some other similar product containing Psyllium Husk. Avoid any white flour products( white bread, pasta, noodles) as they contain starch, which makes sugar level in blood soar, which can contribute to breakouts, and also high cholesterol level. So keeping your digestive system healthy with probiotics and fibre should keep you healthy in that area.

And also eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with plenty of water, a multivitamin and eating wholegrain and organic foods keeps you in excellent shape ! ! !

Good luck!

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Good post danzel!

You talk a lot about this milk thistle (in dutch: maria distel)... what effect did it have on you?

Im thinking about buying it, how many mg a day should I take?

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