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casey mcdermott

easing up on the regimen after being clear

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i recently started the regimen, and do it twice a day (once in the morning once at night), but i hate wearing the bp and moisturizer and makeup during the day. it feels like i'm wearing a mask! i was just wondering, if anyone eased up on the regimen after they got clear, like, if maybe you started doing it only at night before you went to bed and not during the day. has anyone done this, and if so, did you stay clear?

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Wait until you are clear before you begin making changes. While some people will do fine with only once a day, some need to stick to twice, so it is just going to depend on your skin and acne situation.

If you try going to once a day, let us know how it goes, I always like to see how people do in time.

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Yo! I'm going to start easing off to only applying BP at night and see how i go...i get the sneaky suspicion im overly irritating my skin by applying twice daily.. ill let you know how I go...

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I've been on the regimen for over 5 months now and after staying clear for about 3 months, I started to gradually use a little less bp. I still do the regimen 2 times a day, but I use about a 1/2 finger of bp. My acne was moderate before I began the regimen and I'm still staying clear even with using a little less.


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I've been on this regimen for about 6 months and b/c my face turns "reddish" in some areas thanks to the BP, I've started applying BP once a day. It's been about a week I'm seeing better results. There are very few pimples forming and the ones that comen dissapear in a few days. However, I'm still a little redish around the chin area. Hopefully it will clear up soon. Best of luck.

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