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I have cystic acne and have been through just about everything, most recently the IPL with blue light therapy. Nothing has really given me adequate results except what i'm doing now which is microdermabrasion with dermaplaining followed with a 30% glycolic acid peel every week...has anyone tried this??? I'm on spironolactone and birthcontrol and use either tazorac or retin-a at night. The spironolactone has really cleared up my jaw line but my trouble is my cheeks! I had my one cyst lanced and when she was getting the cystic matter out we noticed that there was like a thin hair in it... do you think that maybe these cysts could be like ingrown hairs of some sort??? I know the ones on my jaw aren't, but the ones on my cheeks are relatively small??? any thoughts??

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Have you tried laying off all the harsh treatments? Using all that stuff on your face couldn't be doing too much good for you. I tried IPL myself and it only made my acne worse (if your derm is a good one, he/she should have let you know that lasers can possibly make acne worse instead of better). Anyway, the only thing that has really stopped the cystic stuff dead in its tracks for me so far is Accutane.

Another thing that you might not want to hear but could possibly save your skin in the long run: Quit wearing makeup. I know it's hard to do, especially when you have active acne, but it could help. Or, check your blush and see if it has a lot of pore clogging ingredients in it. It seems that could be a reasonable place to start, since I'm assuming you only apply your blusher to your cheeks, right?

Good luck. I know acne is really frustrating, and I hope you're able to figure out a solution to end your breakouts.

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Good luck with accutane-- I've tried it three times and I never had cysts til after I got off ot it...As for my makeup, I use mineral makeup if any --be careful, accutane is tough on your body, I'm 25 and I'm still feeling the repercussions of it---I thank you for the response but I'm aware of everything you've told me after all I've been fighting acne for over 15yrs and my father has spent well over $65,000 on anything possible--you name it i've tried it -- even backing off and doing nothing for a period of time just to see--

carys--how long have you been on accutane?? did your doc tell you what happens after you get off of it?? I'm talking about the long tern effects its having on your body--truth is...they don't really know so just be careful and remember that acne is a condition that cannot be cured only controlled-- as for my skin problems they aren't a breakout problem--these bumps never get bigger or smaller, they don't get inflamed or red, and I can cover them most of the time, but I want them gone and that's what I've been working on for 15 yrs--any help from someone would be greatly appreciated, not that yours isn't carys, I just think you misread me a little:) any help from anyone ????

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