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Valuable TV program

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Tuned into a program yesterday evening, unfortunately I didn't get the title or network but maybe someone else saw it.

Although they were discussing the problems with "cosmetic procedures" they were touching on facial procedures in addition to bodies but more for totally cosmetic situations that go wrong, i.e. unscrupulous individuals using silicone instead of collagen. In essence, the patient was told by a reputable doctor to wait three weeks to see if there was a collagen reaction. Instead she got antsy and had it done by some fly-by-night person who vanished leaving her deformed.

The doctors featured, who seemed caring and honest spoke out. One of them even testifies in court against incompetent colleages which he said has made him very unpopular. The doctors also said that you can never do enough research, checking with the medical boards for complaints, etc. They also said that they are put in a tenuous position. Once you hate someone for messing you up you are scared and the good ones are scared that they will be next on your hate list. They also talked about board certification and that a doctor who is board certified in say, oncology, can hang out a shingle and do these procedures, calling themselves board certified but not indentifying which specialty. One doctor also said that board certification in the last 25 years or so has taken a nosedive. He warned against going to Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons -- it takes less than one year to achieve this certification and very little training. Instead he recommended Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons-- that one takes about 7-8 years to achieve and involves surgery of all sorts. He also recommended, and I think this was for larger more life-threatening procedures, to make sure the doctor has hospital privileges as it speaks to their reputations in general. One of them also warned, no suprise, that the glitzier the office the more bills they have, so they churn people out and fast. A doctor/editor of a major plastic surgery publication said these unscrupulous ones feed off of people and see them as cash cows.

I think this program will play frequently--does anyone have any specifics? Sorry I couldn't be of more help. It's quite lengthy but well worth the viewing even though a lot of it doesn't necessarily pertain.

Best wishes for a happy new year.

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