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Are we hurting other people?

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I have been raised in a family where doctor visits are a very rare ocassion, and occur only under emergency. Not because we are "cheap", mind you, but I believe it has partially to do with the belief of my mother against antibiotics. In recent years, in my limited highschool education, I have learned about the evolution of bacteria and how they can develop a resistance to certain antibiotics they are exposed to.

So, many of us here (myself included, now) are on antibiotics for acne. I haven't read up on it much, but I imagine it isn't unheard of to develop a resistance to the antibiotics and have the acne return. So, I am guessing this produces strains of resistant acne bacteria, which is one thing I am worried about.

But also, what about all the other bacteria that normally barrages our bodies on a daily basis that our immune system usually fights off? What if the few "lucky" ones survive the antibiotics and reproduce, spreading to other people and leading to a strain of a possibly more serious bacteria strain that is resistant to antibiotics?

Or are acne strains of bacteria the same as all the other bacteria, just infecting the body in a different way?

Even then, aren't we creating bacteria that is immune?

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Well YOU aren't doing anything just taking prescriptions. It would be foolish to say that taking antibiotics hurts everyone, if they are taken properly for the correct amount of time (which is a lot less than what most people are taking for acne, my step sister for example has been taking minocycline for a year and a half), it will be fine and overall resistance to that antibiotic will be lesser. But due to widespread abuse of this antibiotic or that, yes we are in the end creating bacteria that is resistant to that sort of antibiotic. Not only acne, but just due to the fact that many doctors will prescribe an antibiotic for many ills starting from childhood.

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