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To shave or not to shave

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I have been using the regimen now for about 4 months and it has reduced my severe acne to mild to moderate and I think it will just keep getting better. My question is about shaving, if you have a choice to shave daily or wait three or four days, which is better for acne control? I have researched several posts on this topic and I still do not know which is better. I am not working right now so I have the option of not shaving. Guys I would appreciate your feedback.

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Yo! i been on the regimen properly for about 2months so far(by properly i mean using 2.5% bp). was kinda on it this time last year too (but 4% bp) for about three months but unfortunately my doctor prescribed me differin cream which basically makes your acne stay the exact same! anyway yeah when i started the regimen for the second time i shaved every day and it seemed to make my skin appear clearer than it actually was. but it also caused some razor bump under my neck (my friends who dont have acne get this too) so i cut back to shaving twice a week, in the shower! And about a month ago i stopped shaving altogether just to see what effect it would have. well my skin has almost completely cleared over the month with only a few large pores and about two red marks left; although im not sure if thats just to do with dans gel or if growing a beard really helped me! my derm and doctor both said it shouldnt cause any problems if you shave every day and if you follow exactly what dan says it seems to work for almost everyone. personally i dont like shaving every day but when i do it reduces the appearance of my red marks. hope this helps- stick with it!

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I've found that daily shaving is superior. The longer you wait the more irritating a shave becomes. Also, shaving with the gilette sensor excel and NOT the mach3 or any of the other triple or quadruple blade razors is important. The sensor excel is far less irritating and more gentle on the skin.

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