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Using Benzamycin and differin has cleared a lot of my acne up over the last 4/5 months. But still I look terrible. Some mirrors I look in, I look pretty good. Just now I was in my kitchen and I walked up to the windows and held up a mirror to my face. With the sunlight shining on my face, it was pretty bad just how much crap showed up on my face. I've only got 2 maybe 3 active spots on my face at the minute, but there were about a million red marks showing up. I couldn't believe just how bad I must look when I'm outside in natural light. My left hand cheekbones which haven't had any bad acne since september, just a few tiny little red dots, still had really noticeable red marks in this light, in most other lights they're barely visible. A year ago my acne was about 10x worse and I'm glad that I didn't look in the mirror in this way back then or I would have comepletely flipped out.

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Wow.. I know how you feel completely. I do that mirror thing you do. I don't think I could've handled seeing what I looked like in natural light 3 months ago. I think I would've cried. I've cleared up a bit too and our skin might still look terrible, but improvement is improvement and we should be glad. :)

I'm hoping 2006 brings me new healthy skin.

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As current and former acne sufferers know, we can all relate to what you are seeing.

The only thing we can do is get the acne under control. Then use healing products to encourage the skin to repair itself. Except for salicylic acid (2%), unfortunately nothing else can do both jobs at the same time.

One ingredient that can help the healing are peptides. Currently there are various forms of peptides which are protein amino acids that aid in this process.

Further, on www.skinbiology.com (which researches and markets copper peptide products) the literature states that some acne develops from very deep in the skin so the resulting scars are equally as deep. As such, it will take a while for them to clear up. Using AHA/BHA will help to remove the scar tissue and peptides (such as their copper peptide) will help to heal the skin quickly. This enables the process to be repeated until you attain satisfactory results.

What I use to address scarring:

1) Vitamin C Powder (www.aloette.com) dissolved in Fading Fluid, point 3, to firm the skin, give it a big boost, help it heal, increase collagen production and firm it

2) Fading Fluid (Serious Skin Care) to lighten dark scars and marks. It utilizes hydroquinone which some consider to be a controversial ingredient.

3) Lumitone HP (www.aloette.com) to help further lighten dark and red discolorations

4) Essence of Torricelumn which contains a proprietary marine extract that helps heal the skin--1 squirt only http://www.elizabethgrant.com/?EC=Product&ProductID=99

5) Age Defiance Firming Serum (www.aloette.com) in both AM and PM contains several peptides that help to heal the skin and increase collagen production

6) Night Recovery (www.aloette.com) in PM contains even higher level of peptides--apply in PM

7) 100% pure Australian Emu Oil to help all of the previously applied products penetrate further into the skin.--2 small drops only; if skin is oily after application, you've used too much

8) Flawless (www.aloette.com) which significantly controls oil production. Also the salicylic acid keeps the pores clear and the silicone smooths out the appearance of the skin. It is invisible and gives the skin a matte appearance.--Apply in AM only and start with a thin film

13) Copper peptides in the form of Super CP Serum (www.skinbiology.com) heal and remodel the skin and increase its collagen production. (Note: new users should refer to skinbiology.com for instructions on proper application as special instructions are required if you use vitamin C or AHA/BHA's. Also only use a small amount otherwise your skin will look much worse...what they call the "uglies".)

I hope this helps. Hang in there and don't give up. I've been dealing with acne and scarring for over 2 decades and am only now achieving some visible results (albeit with some strategically applied concealer). When this happens for you, it will boost your self-esteem and confidence like nothing you've ever experienced....it will feel better than your first orgasm!!!!!! [sorry to the minors reading this ;)]

Good luck.

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