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Here you are guys!! I'm backing up what I said

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How long is it going to be before everyone finally realises that fighter is in fact just a lieing ass on this forum?

I for one do not believe that you ever went on that date you were making up on a recent thread.

Let me get this straight.

You were a while ago saying how you were desperate to go out on a date with a girl if only you could fix your scars. Lots of sympathy posts by people.

Some time passes. And then you write in saying that you went out on the date. Your date says that she wants to fulfill her filthy fantasies with you (yeah right) :D So you get back to the room and she says "oh god, you have scars". You are put off and run a mile.

What a coincidence that you were worried about scars before the date and then she mentions them on the date. I would say that you just made that up if I didn't know any better which I don't.

And how likely would it be that in the room she goes "oh god, you have scars"? Thats very, very unlikely fighter, now isn't it? I mean, she said that she wanted to fulfill her filthy fantasies with you right? and she didn't notice your scars then. But when you are in the room about to get down to business, shock horror, she suddenly notices them.

I don't believe you fighter.

You see, I think it more likely that you are an american retard the size of a fridge writing a load of rubbish on this website and making up stories about yourself.

And as for the penis size - scar correaltion, purr-lease.

Yeah, fighter, make sure to post a link to that article you are talking about. Or did you make that up as well?

My dear friend, I don't have to prove anything to anyone, but since you have called me names and also you have a terrible attitude towards someone who tries to share something with the rest, I just wanted to show how WRONG AND IGNORANT you are.

First of all, you must have kind of mental problems that you mess up everything. The "Date" that you referred was almost 2 months ago. That was A REAL DATE and I as I said there, I hadn't had a real and formal date in a long time. One-night-stands are totally different my friend. And I've had many of them. and my last one (which was last week) was a disaster and this girl was the one who made coments about my scars. So we are talking about 2 different things that happened at 2 different times, 2 different places with 2 totally different girls!!!! And you are WRONG!!! See how messed up your head is???

Secondly, you must have some reading problems as well. Go back to my 1-nite stand thread and tell me if I ever mentioned that SHE said she wanted to fulfill her desires. I said " WE BOTH WANTED TO FULFILL OUR DESIRES" See the difference????????? As bad as she made me feel, I don't think this girl was a horny whore to say something stupid like that. Even if she was, she didn't need to say it. As humans we can percieve non verbal cues. Again, you are wrong!!!!!

Thirdly, Are you a psychic or mental reader who knows what happened that day and how everything started?????? In my thread I didn't metion those details, So how do you know wether she noticed my scars at the begining or not??? That day i was wearing my brother's Dolce & Gabanna skull head. So it perfectly covered my scars ( I only have scars around my forehead ) When we got to the motel room I took off my head and she made that stupid comment and I got so pissed off. And the whole scene (time i met her, little chat we had, hotel arrival) happened within a 4 hour period. And many things that you don't know happened in between. SEE!!!! YOU ARE WRONG ONE MORE TIME!!!!

Fourthly, I NEVER EVER agreed with the article. Again, you need to learn to read. You remind me of those children with down syndromme ( sorry if i'm offeding them) who are just starting to read and mess up everything. I didn't write that article, It wasn't my theory. I just wanted to share it with the rest. One more time: YOU ARE WRONG!!!!

Fithly, I wish I were a fiction writer and have the ability to start making up things. And just to prove that you are an idiot here is the original link where I found that information:


(it's the original link, it's like 2-3 pages long and then there are more links where they talk about the burn patients)

Finally, Why you got that bad attitude towards me???? I didn't publish that, wether you beleive it or not is up to you and if you want to blame somebody and call him names, blame the scientists who published it. If I posted that is simply because it wassomething that I've never heard before and wanted to share with the rest. I didn't want to get attacked by your comments.

One more thing, now I remember who you are, you are the guy who was suggesting not long ago others to do a FULL FACE PEEL using a pure 50% TCA SOLUTION. And you were backing up a crazy girl who wanted to try it. See, THAT'S SOMETHING REALLY STUPID TO SAY AND EVEN WORSE TO RECOMEND!!! YOU ARE THE ONE FULL OF BULL SHIT!!!!!

I respect everybody here, but sometimes there are some people who think they know everything. But they are totally stupid and ignorant and know nothing but sh**T

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