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Benzaclin+Tetracycline worked for me...READ

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Hi guys.

I just wanna let everyone know that using this combo has worked wonders for me. The Tetracycline helped my Cysts and nodules, and the Benzaclin just overall maintained my face in good shape. As with all products I went through my ups and downs, but I never quit, that is the key, stay positive and faithful.

I stoped using Tetracycline little by little...I went from 2 pills a day- to 1 pill a day- then later 3 pills a week, and now finally I am not using it at all. My body suffered no side effects.

The only product I kept using was Benzaclin, but that was only for the minor break outs. After I ran out of it, I just never went back to teh derm and what do you know I clear.

Anyways good luck with fightinmg acne guys...

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Hi! I was taking tetra with benzaclin. Both works well (specially tretra), but the benzoyl dried my face like hell (my skin is sensitive) so I stopped using it. Im back into tetra, but I'm using an 8% AHA lotion everyday...


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hey. i'm on the same deal pretty much: minocycline and benzamycin. and its very true that it works wonders. try using the benzaclyin just at night, thats what i do and then i use a very light non clogging moisturizer when i shower in the morning. i think that works best on my uber sensitive skin.

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Yea thats what I did. I used Benzaclin only at night because twice a day might be to much for ur skin.

As for the question above about how long ity took......Well I donty really remember.

All I know is that Tetracicline took a good month to kick in... After it did I went on and off with Acne but never as bad as it was at first(Before medication).

After a while I just stoped my Acne-not completely but to a point where I was happy....I mean Istill get pimples but they're the little bunb ones u just brush off with a smile lol.

A wild guess of how long I stayed on Tetracycline would be- 7 Months

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