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Ingredients in Cleansers

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I do a lot of research on skin care products, and found out some interesting information to share.

TONS and TONS of facial cleansers contain an ingredient called Polyethylene also referred to as PEG (Polyethylene Glycol). It may also have a number beside it (ie. 100, 200, etc) which signifies the strength.

This is one ingredient you want to avoid at ALL costs. It is found in more than one form in the ProActiv Cleanser. It is also found in Nivea for Men Facial Scrub, and many, many other cleansers.

"Not only are they potentially carcinogenic, but they contribute to stripping the skin’s Natural Moisture Factor, leaving the immune system vulnerable." - lindachae.com

This is basically means your skin can develop a dependence to this ingredient, and makes your face more vulnerable to acnes/irritation in the future.

I use a cleanser called "Spectro Jel".

Besides Purified Water, the #1 ingredient in this cleanser is called "Butlyene Glycol" - this could be the safest and most effect ingredient in a cleanser.

"Butylene glycol is an organic molecule with two alcohol groups, used in cosmetics as a humectant to bind moisture and hold water to the skin. Alcohols are attracted to water; the smaller alcohols evaporate quickly, drawing water away from the skin, while larger organic alcohols do not evaporate as quickly and actually hold water to the skin." - nuskin.com

'According to the CIR panel, as printed in the Journal of the American College of Toxicology, butylene glycol is "safe as presently used in cosmetics." The report goes on to say that repeated insult patch tests on butylene glycol produced no evidence of skin sensitization.' - nuskin.com

This ingredient is organic, natural and an excellent moisturizer.

PEG/Polyethylene Glycol = bad

Butylene Glycol = good

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I must also point out to avoid any cleanser that has a warning on it. Such as "keep away from eyes" or "discontinue if redness or rash appears". No facial cleanser should have this.

ProActiv's warns to not use if you are pregnant! What's up with these cleansers.

If you can buy Spectro Jel where you live......BUY IT...it's the best cleanser available. All ingredients are non-irritating, and 100% NATURAL.

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