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Levulan PDT 8-month Update

Hi everyone,

At the end of april I had a PDT treatment (levulan + IPL) to treat moderate-severe acne on my face. I posted about it (sorry dunno how to link - but you can probably find it by searching my username or maybe "levulan + IPL".

Anyhow, my doctor started off with one very intense PDT treatment. I got SUPER red and peeled like a snake. It was icky. I also broke out like CRAZY! But luckily my doctor kept close tabs on me and helped out the situation with complimentary bluelight treatments (without levulan) and shots for the cysts.

Over the next two months after my 1st treatment I went in 4-5 times to receive bluelight treatment about 2 wks apart (free since it was considered a follow-up! :)

I've also been using topicals (washing w/cetaphil. evoclin in the morning and and night. plus klaron over evoclin at night. sometimes I also use the alcohol free stridex sal ac pads.)

It's now december and I'm happy to report I've been 99% clear for the past couple months (still some blackheads and the occasional pimple - but it's rare now! never more than one or two little ones maybe right before my period!) When you've dealt with pretty severe all-over-your face acne, this really is an improvement.

I know my hormones didn't change or anything because although my face is now clear, unfortunately my chest and back are not (I didn't do any light treatment there.) I'm gonna go in for a consult next week to see what can be done about the rest of my acne - I got a nice xmas bonus this year so I might splurge and go for the light treatments there too. We'll see.

I'll keep you guys posted.

Good luck to everyone! I know how hard it can be to find something that works (I've been thru 2 courses of accutane and just about everything else.)

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