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Has anyone tried using saltwater as a facial wash for your skin? After browsing these boards for the past few months or so, it seems that every so often people mention saltwater helping their skin tremendously and I don’t think it is just coincidence. I did a little research about saltwater and it seems very promising, especially for people like me who try to stay as natural as possible with their skin care.

Here are some articles about the effects of saltwater, or more importantly, the bacteriophage found in the saltwater:



“Scientists at the University of Leeds have found that a bacteriophage, a virus that consumes bacteria, naturally found on the skin attacks and destroys the bacterium that contributes to the formation of acne. The University’s findings show promise in the idea of using a naturally occurring virus to attack the bacteria that contributes to acne. All research on this particular treatment has occurred only in the laboratory and the next step will be clinical trials on human volunteers.�

I am interested in either ordering a product, or simply making my own saltwater mixture, but I am wondering if anyone has tried doing either of these things yet so I know what has worked and what hasn’t.

Here are some of the products I have found:


Seems the most promising, but it is quite pricy. All the reviews are good though.


This is a spray; I’m a bit skeptical because they list some elements of saltwater but never talk about bacteriophage, which is the key. Also, no reviews.


Another spray; however, this product says it is for piercings and it doesn’t ever mention acne so…

I was also wondering if anyone has simply bought sea salts from the grocery store and used those… that would make things quite a bit easier if that worked. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

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