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My Botchla's Regimen Log

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Day 1: December 29th, 2005 @ 3:25 PM

I just started Botchla's regimen today. I even printed out Botchla's official post. I've decided to use both the C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub, AND the C&C Continuous Control wash 2x a day. (night and morning).

I woke up today and used the 2 products. It felt so tingly and clean, it was a great feeling. Obviously my face doesn't look any better yet. I didn't use a moisturizer after I washed, and when I don't use moisturizer my face look so dull. Today my skin was just looking dead and crappy so I used this mask that was supposed to brighten my skin up and give it a glow. Then I took a shower. The mask didn't really help.

The status of my face at the moment is CRAPPY. I look like I have a rash on each side of my face. A lot of it is not even pimples, just marks. But I still have a lot of acne that I'm dying to get rid of. So hopefully this regimen will work. I'm on vacation & I go back to school on Tuesday (5 days from now) so I'm gonna try and not wear any makeup until then. (I'm a girl by the way).

Oh yeah, I'm still deciding whether I should use a BP cream or some other kind of spot treatment in addition to the C&C products. I'm not sure though. Any suggestions?? And I'm also going to buy Neutrogena SkinClearing foundation & pressed powder so I don't feel too bad about wearing makeup over my acne.

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If you're gonna use BP, I'll recommend Dan's BP gel.I just started using it yesterday and it's waaaaaaayyy better than PanOxyl, Oxy and C&C Persa gel in the sense that it's less irritating.

For makeup, I am using Origins brand loose powder, pressed powder(for touchups) and the concealer.Doesn't aggravate acne at all.:)Neutrogena skinclearing makeup is good stuff as well.Another drugstore makeup brand I like is Jane.I've have tried Jane's oil free loose powder and loose shimmer powder with great success.

Good luck on your regimen.:)

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Day 2: December 30th @ 10:13 AM

Well I'm not completely done with day 2 yet since its still the morning. But I just finished washing my face. Last night I applied BP after I did this regimen. Then this morning, I did the regimen then applied BP and then Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. I think I might be getting the 'initial breakout' THAT SUCKS and I'm really upset by it. This morning I was actually thinking about going back to my old regimen (the soap, BP & moisturizer one) because I got scared. The last thing I need is more breakouts. I know if i do get the initial breakout, i'll clear up soon after, but it's so hard to stick with it and get through the breakout. Hopefully I will get clear soon...

What do you think would clear me up faster --

using this regimen with BP & moisturizer?

or using this regimen EXACTLY the way that Botchla said to in his post (just the 2 C&C products)


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