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I've started this thread for solutions (oils, conditioners, shampoos, oral/topical inhibitors) that have worked for anyone regarding Accutane or non-Accutane related thinning hair. I am open to holistic approaches, but at the rate that I am losing my hair I would appreciate products that could work at a faster rate.

Thank You.

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no it won't---i had been off acutane for 6 years!!!!! i'm still losing my hair! It was the accutane please don't tell me otherwise, i've been through the whole hereditary junk and other hormonal factors--its non of that. Besides the Accutane, I need to know how would someone with thinning hair treat their hairloss...oils, supplements, special shampoos! Anyone??!

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well....that's because I used to have VERY thick hair and that really influenced a lot. It isn't to the point that you can see patches on mly scalp because the hair loss has continually increased as time went by. I am seeing a bigger problem now than a few years back. But it is getting worse and I could go bald if I don't do something now.

It isn't an agent still in me because of the Accutane per say. What is contributing to my hair loss is the extreme drying CAUSED by tane which I never recovered from--I just need to saturate the follicles deep in the root and maybe I can get the thickness I once had to help the hair sustain itself. I am still growing hair also. It just can't hold its own strength and falls off as it grows. This happens more often when my hair reaches a certain length. In the years post tane I have cut my hair short 8 times! I am tired of cutting my hair, I want my long hair back.

--I look like a boy everytime I do! :cry:

TY btw for the info

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