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Accutane and whiteheads

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Hello to everyone. I'm in my 4th month(93 days) of treatment and I still get lots of them(whiteheads)-I think it is even more as it was before the course :evil: . Most of them appear directly under the hair on my cheek and chin(I'm a guy)-they usually don't go away at all, but luckily they don't turn red. Some of them appear where no hair grows and they look like fluid under the skin-no irritation. So I'm wondering, will Accutane be able to remove this sort of acne? How to get rid of them at this moment-I tried pulling the hair out, but still they won't disappear(just a hole where the hair was is the result :mad: )?

Please help!!!

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I'm not sure you want to hear this, but i was still slightly breaking out up to the middle of my 5th month (mostly whiteheads and clogs coming out). I've just started my 6th month and things have calmed down conciderably (crosses fingers). I would have thought that everything would have been pushed out by now, but nope! Blackheads are still SLOWLY coming out - slowly but steadily >< At this rate, i'll probably need 9 months of Accutane or so for all the crap to be out @@ which obviously i'm not going to get. I'm on a moderate dose of 40mg a day - i'm around 48.2 kg - and this is likely my last month or maybe an extra month after this. Anyways, i bid you good luck and keep us posted.

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i posted a very similar thread. i too am concerned about those damned clogged pores, for i have welll...not too many, but i still have them, and they show no sign of going away. i'm only in the middle of my second month. we'll see how things go.

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