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Anti Androgen Therapy Approach for men

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There is a lot of talk on this site about spirolactone for the use of blocking androgenic activity in women. However, there is a drug that was once a prescription called "Tagamet" which is an anti androgen as well.It can be purchased over the counter. Although its different from spirolactone *aldactone*. This can be used as a safe treatment in men. After all many male collegues I know use it for acid/heartburn issues and have been on it for extended periods of time with no feminizing effects what so ever. I should note that I also have a close friend who had several transplant surgeries and developed gastritis and has been on it for 5 yrs with no problems.

I should also say that they do not suffer from acne so i cannot say if it would have worked in them. I was a 5 yr aldactone user myself and it greatly helped my acne until my hair began to fall out. Thinking that it may be something else i went to a great gynecologist who was very honest with me about the drug. And stated that manywomen were coming in complaining of the same thing. Sadly not all drs are honest nor care to get to know their patients and rarely want to be liable or sued for anything adverse that may happen. So denial is their favorite way of approaching most problems. If you have ever taken medical law you will know some of the practices that are very unethical that are still very rapid in our world. Anyway - I should warn all of you ladies that by blocking testosterone you are doing your hair harm. As our bodies need testosterone to maintain hair growth. So be careful . I know we all want our acne to go away. But if you should notice with yrs on it that your hair becomes flat and you notice more hair then normal in your shower drain or notice that your hair is thinner then in photos prior to taking it.. i strongly suggest getting off the drug.

RARELY does the hair return back to your previous state. I can say that most do not get all the hair they lost back. It may fill in some but nothing to what it was previously. So for many of you - this may not occur until years have past. Others may be lucky and slip through without any problems. I should also mention that if your on it for years there will likely be a massive shedding of hair once coming off it. Many many women experience this and I will find the links to various sites at which women have shared these exact same horror stories and post it for you if so that you see what im saying is true. . But lets hope that you do not have these issues. They say it helps maintain hair and keep it from falling out. But with my experience and others along with various clincal trials this has yet to be seen in the majority of patients. *some* do experience a SLOWING in shedding but I have yet to find anyone whos hair has actually regrew or stopped entirely. In most cases the situations became worse. So PLEASE be careful.

Regardless - for the men who feel left out in all of this. I suggest going to your local drugstore and picking up a box of 60 for 14.99 and giving it a try . You most surely wont become "womanly" but it could very well help with your over production of oil .It wouldnt hurt to try. If within 3 months there isnt a change then I highly doubt it would work for you. But tagamet is an option if you too wanted to give it a shot.

And before everyone jumps on this post.. I am only giving you honest advice. I am not trying to pursade you to stop your spiro therapy or not to start it. But to simply be aware of the possibly side effects. I encourage people to do what makes them feel best about themselves..and you wont fully know unless you try. After having acne for over 15 yrs. I know that im rather experimental as well. However, now i am much more cautious.

I wish all of you much luck in whatever treatment courses you choose

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