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some regimen tips

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so ive been on the regimen for 1.5 years, and it has been very up and down for me. lately, however, i have found a pretty good formula for myself and and i am pretty much 90% clear except for a good amount of redmarks. since ive had a lot of experience and not until recently have i seen very good results, i decided to post a few comments.

1) make sure to use the recommended moisturizers, or at least one that most people on here have agreed is safe to use. FOR A LONG TIME i used eucerin dry skin thereapy intensive repair since it is all over the CVS shelves. despite the product reading non-comodogenic i never realized that it had mineral oil in it, which supposedly is a big no no for moisturizers. this could have been a big reason for my consistant break outs...

2) must have a balance of healthy feeling skin and a good amount of BP. each person is different and a certain amount of BP wont be right for everyone. what ive learned is not to throw so much on that your skin is feeling red and terrible, even though you might really want to at first due to your strong desire to get rid of the acne. putting too much on just irritates your skin and makes it more acne prone. Still, BP is the acne killer and too little wont do too much. therefore, get the right balance but dont sacrifice healthy feeling skin for a crazy amount of BP.

3) NEVER PICK OR POP! this is soooo much easier said than done, but so important. i used to pop everything when i was a younger teenager (20 now) and luckily for me it didnt do harm to my skin in the long run, but i realized a couple years ago that it was a terrible idea. more red marks, more pimples, more possible scarring. it might feel good at the time to get rid of the pimple, but youre taking the risk of spreading and creating a few more at that same spot. the less you pick, the less likely more acne will show up that same area.

4) think long term. changes dont just happen overnight so be patient and look at things from month to month or even bi-monthly.

5) eat healthy. im not sure if diet has anything to do with acne, but it does with the rest of your health. drink lots of water, eat fruits, veggies, and defnitely fiber and your body will feel better, and possibly even help your skin

6) i have also incorporated jess' exfoliation method into my regimen. ( exfoliating with the oral b toothbrush or a face brush). after putting BP and a lot of moisturizer on my face i feel its a good idea to do this once a day to make sure theres as little as possible seeping into your pores. i know this might not be recommended by dan, so i guess dont try it until a month or two of not seeing results while doing everything else properly.


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