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Looking for good doctor around SoCal

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I just moved to a new apartment in Torrance, CA.

I've read quite a number of recommendations for good docs around this area, but I've lost my notes and I haven't really posted for quite a while.

I intend to get some subscision, saline injections and punch grafting treatments for my scars. They're a mixed bag of rolling, box and some ice picks. (pretty messed up face :lol2:)

Anyone care to drop a few good names?


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I live in Torrance, CA too and looking for a good derm.

Anyone who can help us would be appreciated.

Fullerton is far though..

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I live over by USC but will be making an appointment with Dr. Sire in Fullerton very soon. I think he's the only one who does it; he's the one who came up with it. Kind of far but people seem to have had a lot of success with saline injections.

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Any more doctors around the area? What about experts in subscision? etc?

I know a lot of ppl here recommend Dr. Sire in Fullerton, Is Doc Sire good for subcision?

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I go to Dr Sire for Saline injections. He is the only one who does them aside from the PA's in his office. I don't think he does subscision. I asked Quint in his office who now does my saline injections and he said he's never done one. So I figure same goes for Dr. Sire although that's just an educated guess and I'm sure they could tell you if you call.

In Torrance, Dr. Horowitz's office is astheticly inclined. I never saw the doctor but had Cool Touch by Marty in the office. I got very minimal improvements from it but their prices are great. Infact I just got a mailer saying that they are offering Fraxel for $875 for a limited time.

I was tempted but am going to spluge on Fraxel with Dr. Fitzpatrick because of his expertise in acne scars.

If you have any more questions you can PM me since I don't check the boards consistantly.

Good luck.

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