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21yo Male in Oz Tane Log

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Well after reading a few tane logs I decided to finally post up my own.

To start with just a little bit about me if anyone could actually be bothered reading it. As the title suggests I am 21 years of age (22 in Feb) Male and live in Australia. It is summer here and its starting to get really hot which doesn't help the skin. Today it is 33 deg C inside my house, thankfully my room has aircon which makes it a lot more comforatble.

I have suffered with acne since I was 18 give or take, it was very very minor then, I used to get a pustule or 2 a week. Since then it has just steadily got worse over the years. It is more persistant than anything, it just never goes away and I'm always waking up with some new shit to deal with... yay for that. Just before I was put on accutane it had become something like 5-6 new pimples a day. I guess on the plus side I never really ever got much cystic acne, just very rarely one would pop up that would take like a month to go down. So scarringwise I get a fair amount of redness but that fades eventually and I don't really have any indentations etc. As a side note I recently found that 4 of my male cousins have already been on tane as well, so I guess that definately reinforces that it is genetics that are to blame :mad:

Tried pretty much everything known to man, over the counter and prescription. Been through the entire range of antibiotics with very limited improvements. Even when I wanted to try tane there was a 5 MONTH wait just to have a consultation with a dermatologist. I nearly died waiting that long just to plead my case. In the end I didn't even have to ask, infact she suggested that I should consider trying it and obviously already having looked into it myself I jumped at the opportunity so fast it wasn't funny.

Really the worst effects have been psychological with me. I have suffered from some pretty bad depression and it has also had a big toll on my social life, as things got worse I withdrew more. Stopped going out with friends more with excuses, broke up with my girlfriend, was mutual but now when I look back on it I can see how acne/withdrawing had affected it. It has helped develop a massive anxiety complex which I'm sure a lot of you on here probably share alongside me. I get very anxious about having to go somewhere I just cannot avoid, ie starting a new job was hell on me until I settled in.

It's all well and good for people to say its just your physical appearance, suck it up and go out you will feel better. It is doable but you generally don't have a good time as you are totally preoccupied with who might be looking at you/judging you, even if noone cares in the slightest the anxiety is still there.

Anyway onto some pics

I was too excited at the fact I was starting tane and I didn't think of taking any pictures until day 10. Im sure a lot of you will tell me there nothing to worry about but we'll see :) Just bear in mind thats just after the inital breakout so it was worse prior to starting tane.

Tane Gallery

For the first month I was on 20mg which I know is a very low dosage, Since the 19th of Dec I have been on 20mg/day and 40mg/day alternating so supposedly 30mg a day. I go back to the Derm on the 16 Jan and am hoping to go up to 40mg a day.

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Today sucks :( Had a few active bits appear on my cheeks... its been clear for ages there so it feels like I'm going backwards again ugh.

Going in for the first day of a new job too today, I really am not looking forward to it :|

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