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ATTENTION : Those with OILY skin only...

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Hey there,

Has anyone heard of or seen this stuff before? It's this site with a natural treatment and it looked really cool!


I read all about it, and I might try it, unless someone testifies that it's complete bullshit. I sent them an email asking "why is it not on all U.S. drugstore shelves if it's so great and effective at reducing oily skin and therefore, acne?"...ill let people know what they say, especially those who check out the site.

Later kids

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I have oily skin, it seems I may have heard that product name before, but I have never tried it, or heard of anyone who tried it.

Accutane is the ultimate oil killer, imo, otherwise powder, napkins, and blotting sheets are my oily skins best friend.

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Guest Tinky

it's b5!!!! Check out this site for info in b5, some say it works great, I don't know!!!

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listen, i wash my face twice a day 'cause the regimen calls for it...i don't scrub too hard, or use any irritating substances. I stick to the regimen. Some of us jsut have oily skin. I was on Accutane (for moderate acne too, go and figure), and it didn't dry me out at all. So I still have the oily skin, but it's alot better now that im on the regimine. So I was asking, 'cause I might just try doin this to reduce oil, if anyone has heard of success with it. It's a lot different than Accutane 'cause it's all natural and has to do with Coenzyme A, which controls the break down and decrease of fatty acid in the pores (which is OIL!)....

im tired of the regimine, especially since I can't use the new stuff do to it's irritating side effects on my skin. If i can reduce the oil, maybe i can quit the regimine because that's my main problem. (OILY skin is a haven for bacteria as they eat it and multiply in the pore due to the oil)

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