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I don't understand why everyone is not recommended to use Dermalux even if they have mild acne. The acne can quickly get worse, and therefore you can quickly get scars - and first when you get the scars you will have the possibility of taking roaccutane.

Since the DERMALUX does not have any side effects it's the ultimate acne-scar-prevention.

So why don't all of us suggest everyone to use dermalux before they get scars?

1) Too expensive ? (200£)

2) Too time-consuming? (15 minutes a day - nothing in my eyes)

3) Scared of unmentioned side-effects? (even if they say you don't it could induce skin cancer..)

4) It simply does not work?


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Why all the numerous new threads about so many different things? Most of these things aren't well tested and for every 1 person who says it worked for them you will find 10 that say the opposite. No one has found a cure that works for everyone.

Your question would be similar to why is everyone not recommended accutane, or BP, or retin-A. the fact is dermalux is just another thing to try and does it work? I don't know. Does it work for everyone, I can definitely say no. Please use some common sense. STOP THE MADNESS!

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OK IDBNVS2...I'll try to stop the MADNESS :D

I just wondered why it is not more widely used, because it seems to be VERY effective....

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