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Anyone have any ideas for me?

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I've been battling my acne for over 8 years, and am still desperately searching for that miracle cure. Over the years my acne has changed from your basic just a few here, all the way to persistant break-outs and cystic ones. It's always inconsistent, yet has never been the all-over-my-face AWFUL kind, yet my normal 10 or so will NEVER go away because they always find new replacements!

I've tired:

- all the -cyclines, and they either stopped working or never worked from the start

- Duac

- Benzaclin

- Benzamycin

- differin

- Retin A Micro

- Many strange over the counter cleansers, creams... etc... etc...

I am competely paranoid over Accutane and just can't make myself do it because I can't imagine that chemicals strong enough to cause severe birth defects can be good for our bodies.

I had one Blu-light with Levulan treatment that was just about the worst experience of my life. Due to my face just about completely peeling off, EXTREME pain for a week, and lots of public embarassment I absolutely NO longer trust my dr., and am completely scared off!

Anyone have any OTC or other product ideas to reccomend?

My acne's not horrible, but I just feel so awful because of the way I look!


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if you are worried about accutanes strength you could always consider taking the small dosage. like 20 or 40 mg instead of the normal 60 or 80.

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first off there is no "miracle cure". none of the stuff you've tried has worked for me either. maybe your diet has something to do with it, and maybe stop relying on OTC products you find in CVS and the like, b/c most of them produce money for the companies who make them whilst producing acne for you! i say take an inside--> out approach.

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