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Been taking benzamycin(topical)(has BP and eythomycin) for 2 months now, if i try to not do it for 2 days, i get a few pimples. i know this stuff aint helping me in the long run, cause i dont want to keep taking it till i end puberty. My acne is mild, but a few pimples ruin my day, so any suggestions on what i should try? I was thinking of maybe a low dose of accutane?

maybe like 20mg a day?

sorry i typed the wrong thing, i have been using benzamycin, not erythomycin.

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honestly the only way for an antibiotic to work is with sustained use, unless its a topical you CANNOT miss a dose or two on multiple occasions and expect it to still work, its okay if you HAVE to miss a dose very infrequently but if you keep missing them, it negates the effectiveness.

Also 2 months is too short a time to notice effects, usually you won't notice a sustained effect until after 3 months, tho generally after 2 months you should start to notice some effects, but since you're missing doses occasionally that would probably be why you still seem to break out.

I wouldn't worry about having to take it until you end puberty, with a heavy antibiotic like erythromycin you doctor will probably only keep you on it for less than a year maximum, generally more sustained use is with a tetracycline. If the doctor is looking to fix an inflammation problem the oral antibiotic taken for a short while (not long term) should help. But also if you're worried about breaking out after you stop you should start a topical now and continue it after you stop the oral. I took erythromycin when i was in high school combined with benzamycin, it improved my skin significantly. And i did not have to stay on an oral antibiotic long term.

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ahhhh. thats fine then i have a lot of experience with that.

i've been on benzamycin for many years..because it works great!! but as of late i've grown tired of having to use it nightly. I live with my boyfriend now and am not too keen on the looking like a zombie with the stuff on my face. So i stopped using it except for occasionally if i maybe see that i'm getting a few tiny pimples on my nose etc. Usually after one use i don't need to use it again for another week or so or longer and then i just use it one night again.

What i take instead: 100mg of minocycline 2x a day, diane 35, hydroxyzine and benadryl antihistamines.

i have no complaints.

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