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muscle and weight loss on accutane.....NEED HELP

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ok ive been on accutane for 57 days now my skin is almost completely clear..BUT ive been losing alot of weight and have lost alot of my strength..my arms and chest have shrunk down to like 3x the size they were before i started..whats going on?..i wanna start working out again but i just feel like i dont have the strength to anymore and im afraid that ill tear something because my backs been hurting like hell lately...so what should i do?,start working out again?..or just wait till the end of my course..im on it for 6 months at 70mg,so ill be off in april or may. ... any help appreciated...

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Even if you don't work out until April, you'll gain back your muscle a lot faster than you put it on...but yeah, that's a long time to weight. Might be a good Q for your Doc. at your next checkup/blood test?

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Wierd, i gained 20 pounds scince i was on accutane, but that could be because im on high fatty foods, they help acctuane work faster, My acne is getting dramaticly better in only a month. But the sore back it because accutane causes joint and back pain as a side effect. If you stopped working out, it would also cause you to lose alot of muscle, muscle goes bye bye pretty quick if you dont exersize or work out once in awhile

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