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Some tips for people that are on Accutane

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With 6 years and counting, i tried everything there is to 'cure' acne. In my search to get rit of acne i found some things that helped. Thats why i'm making this topic. Since the last (almost 2 years) i'm on Accutane. A low dose, because i can't have much of it (i get to many side effects). This results in still having acne, but very mild. Here follow some tips that helped me getting my acne "under control".

:idea:Drinking alcohol while on Accutane

Well, to be honest, last friday was the first time i could really test it. Last day of work before the holiday, me and some friends went to the bar and had some drinks. I normaly never take alcohol because i didnt knew what it would do in combination with Accutane. Things i noticed is that you get drunk much quicker than normaly :lol2: The next day, i had much whiteheads when i woke up (wich i normaly dont have).

Conclusion: Alcohol while on Accutane isnt such a good idear if you ask me. My experience was that i had a terrible breakout the next day...

:idea:Change your pillowcase regulary

If your sleeping you mostly sleep with your mouth open. This results in mucus (dunno if its the correct word) on your pillowcase. After some research i found out that it really helps if you change your pillowcase each day. (or just turn your pillow around, so you can last 2 days on a pillowcase)

Conclusion: Change your pillowcase every day (or every 2 days. Read above)


Drinking much is always good. But! It really depends on what you drink. Drinking Cola, alcoholic's, coffee etc. isnt going to help you very much. Instead, try to drink as much water or tea. At first, its not nice to drink water all day, but you soon get used to it. I also tested this. It was two days before i had an job interview. I had a terrible breakout that day. I decided to drink as much water as i could and hoped it helped. 2 days later when i had the interview, there was a noticable difference. My skin was less oily.

Conclusion: Drinking is good. Drink much, because it cleans the body. But be carefull. Drinking water or tea is best. Try to avoid alcohol, coffee, cola etc.


Taking a shouer is always good. Not only for yourself, but also for the persons you live with (else they have to smell you all day ;) ) Taking a shouer once a day is fine. But, when your done taking the shouer and you want to dry yourself, DONT start drying your ass first :naughty: Use a clean towel, and start with your face, and then the rest of your body. You dont want to have the bacteria from your ass, hair etc. on your face :rolleyes:Conclusion: Always dry your face first with a clean towel. Don't rub your face dry, but dab (is "dab" the correct word?)

:idea:BenzylPeroxide while on Accutane

I recommend not to use it while your on Accutane. Since Accutane dry's your face out very much, putting on benzylPeroxide is only making it dryer and makes the chance of red marks much bigger. Instead use Deferin. This is a gel wich not dry's out your face, and fights baceria's.

Conclusion: Use Deferin instead of Benzylperoxide.

:idea:Dry lips while on Accutane

Ofcourse you should something like labello. Another anoying thing is that your lips get very red (not nice for guys ;) ). There is a solution. Most people only put Labello on there lips during the day. At night, your lips dry out very much and get irritated.

Conclusion: Put Labello on your lips also before you go to sleep. It not only prevents you from waking up with very dry lips, but also from having very red lips


As stated almost anywhere on these forums, using a moisturizer is a must when your on Accutane. But be carefull. Not all moisturizers are good to use. Try to get a moisturizer based on water. My personal experience with Nivea and ROC was bad. It only maked my acne worse and ROC costed way to much for such a little bottle.

Conclusion: Look carefull before buying/using a moisturizer


Shaving with an electric shaver is not recommended. Electric shavers are a source of baceria. Instead use something like an Gilette. Gilette sensor Exel is my personal favorite ;) Also, take your time when shaving. Don't rush it, and try to avoind places where you have big spots (if you cant avoid it, go over them very carefully).

Conclusion: Don't use an electric shaver. Use a gilette instead. Also take a mild shaving cream thats not irritating to the skin.

These are just some of my personal experiences. As you might seen, my english is terrible. I'm sorry for that. If you see any weird words, or things that arent correct. Please notify me. I hope you guys find my personal experience usefull, and if you have any tips for how to improve my way of "controlling" my acne, please tell me.

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