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Hey Guys and Gals,

I did a search before posting but didnt really find what I was looking for.

I have been using Clearasil Gentle Power for the past few years.....it has never got me completely clear but I have persavered with it.

After reading many posts on the site it appears that the facewash I am using has some major shortcomings;

-it is franganced quite heavily and lists SLS as an active ingredient

-it contains microbead particles which exfloiate

I currently use Nivea Oil Free moisturiser which is labelled as non como and contains witch hazel and allotin to soothe and heal the skin.

Do you think it would be worth my while switching cleansers? I am 26 now and apart from the occasional outbreak suffer more from red bumps/patches of skin rather than whiteheads etc?

I also spot treat with some Zinc/Alcohol combo my dr gave me or BP???

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!!!!


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spectro gel for sensitive/problem prone skin is the best product ever. IMO

the main thing is that it is very non irritating, you could wash your face 10 times a day and it won't aggravate ANYTHING. its also non sented and non soap based so it won't dry out your skin. The best thing about it is that it works WITH a topical so it gently cleans your skin so the product can work to its fullest (whatever you use) and allows for maximum absorption, then when you wash your face it cleans compeletey all the residue of a nighttime regimen or the crap from the day.

I totally swear by it, my skin is ridiculously sensistive.

just my opinion tho, based on what i've experienced.

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Sounds interesting......I will jump online and check it out

Yeah Im worried that after reading some posts on this site that my product might be doing more harm than good........

Thanks for your advice


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