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once a pimple has formed

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is bp still the answer to pimples that has already formed? do we still rub BP on it? or just put a blob over it?

my derm gave me an acne gel but it jsut makes the pimple worse... it makes the pimple hard, big, swelling, red and more icky looking than before .

thanks for any reply :)

another question: i've read in this site about popping the pimple when it comes to a white surface. has anyone experienced a pimple with a red spot on the surface? can we pop that too? i've done it before my stretching the skin or squeezing it with tissue paper/gauze pad and blood oozes out with some puss.

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mmm I wouldn't use that stuff your derm gave you if it does that :S if I get a pimple I usually have a hot shower and it opens it up then with a sterile cotton bud (or your finger? :P) just put a bit on the spot. If you don't want to pop it I usually find that if I just put a blob on and later on look it has popped anyway... not sure how that works but hrrm.

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hey thanks jbu! :) i have really no problems with the small and whitish ones. i do have problems with the large red ones that takes a lifetime till the whitish thing comes to surface!! i've read that putting a blob overnight helps. is it worth the try?

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