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...I have been completely whining about my practically insigificant problems. Anyone who knows me knows I bitch about pore size that probably wasn't an issue in the first place. I am proud to say pimples hardly find a home on my face, and the blackhead population is dwindling. I don't have red marks, my scars are minimal, I have great even skin tone, and accutane was never even part of my equation. I don't think this is bragging and most of you would do the same if your skin was at a level satisfactory with you, but I just think I've been a real bitch about things when people have it so much worse.

But I say this because I've gotten the best Christmas present on Christmas Eve: A card from a girl I really like. This is the only thing I've gotten for Christmas this year to be honest. I told her I liked her back in August 2005, but she already had someone back home. I didn't speak to her much after she told me that, and it was the biggest surprise in the past 2 years that she actually gave me a card. She has perfect skin...no makeup and she is just so beautiful. She's Ethiopian with a mocha-skin tone with an Alicia Keys like face. She's only 5'2", but she makes me weak to my knees...even if I'm a full 10" taller. My guess was that when she saw my skin, she didn't want me. She never had skin problems and I thought she thought I was diseased or something. But she's so sweet and nice...she's one of the few girls who never had acne problems to really not look at it as a negative quality (IMO). A close friend (who is both our co-workers) told me that my skin was never an issue, and that she really did have a bf back home.

She is probably the reason I'm here. I wanted to have a more healthy look to my complexion, and I came here for advice on what to do. It seems all that was somewhat in vain. But it does not mean I won't try to maintain my skin and such. It gives me a chance for a better pay (because of boosted confidence), and most importantly...I think I have a spot in her heart...even if the spot isn't much, it means the world to me.

I don't think many people will care or read what I just wrote...but this is just my semi-success story so to speak. I didn't really cure acne, more like cured acne dysmorphia.

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Guest Fearless*Bunny

That's so sweet

P.S. I thought so too :doh:

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