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ive been doing the rediment since july 7th, i think my face is improving a little, i think my skin is softer and has less little bumps on it, and i have been getting less pimples, but more black heads, i think BP turns all pimples into black heads , or something, i notced i have all thes little annoying black head on my cheeks that i didnt have b4, but i have been getting less pimples and i dont get those huge ones anymore, if i get a pimple its because a little blackhead now, so if i get a pimple i know that i have to pop it cause it has a blackhead in it, i barely got any regular whiteheads.My skin is really dry , i put moisterizer on and it seems to help a little, but my skin is still dry no matter what, and a little flakey.I have an a appointment with a dermatologist on tuesday , its my first time going to one, even though i should of went to one years ago, what sucks is i dont have insurance, but what am i suppose to do though, stay like this ?to make it even worse i dont have a job , i just graduated school and cant find a computer programming or web design job , cant even find customer service, how pathetic is that,but whatever my mom is gonna help me out with the money, so im not worrying too much, i just want to be happy, and not have to hide all the time.Im really curious about what the doctor is gonna recomend me to do or what medicine he'll give me,what did the doctor do the first time you guys went ?

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my derm sucked. he just always tries to shave accutane in my face and tell me to shut up

u should get a woman derm they r always better

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