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Is a primer worth getting for a guy?

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okay well currently im hooked on studiox fix make up by mac it covers well the only problem im having is that whenever i go out like clubbing , in 2 hours time my face becomes really oily and shiny and the make up looks like its about to wear off and inside people cant tell but for example if u wanan take a picture after two hours time i simply cant cuz i will end up looking shiny like hell on the picture and touch ups is not an option well maybe but then itd be just caking all the make up...

anyway i heard of a primer.. do you think its worth getting for me as a guy? im mainly dealing with spots marks etc mac has a primer too i think its expensive do u think its worth it?

also i heard about a highlighter.. what does it exactly do.. would that be good in my situation too or not?

are there any other tips to keep ur face from getting oily?

also i use mac blush too which is for guys cuz its not glowy just for the healthy blushing effect the guy at the counter said models guy always use it on their temples.. side of the nose, chin and cheekbones..

so yeah my make up only looks noticeable when theres caking going on or my face becomes really oily and u can just wipe the make up off my face..

wel thats it lol i hope someone can answr my questions and give me advice, thanks...

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why not just not wear makeup.....get caught with that shit on and people will probably think youre a bit odd and feminine. what happens when your go over to a womans house to fuck and you gotta stay the night?

what happens when a woman touches your oily face and your makeup smears off?

what happens when your buddy touches your fcae, you get in a fight? you fall face down in the grass?

one day youll get caught. people will make smart comments to you about your makeup and youll feel bad about it.

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primers are mostly used to smooth the skin for foundation, thus the main ingredient usually involves silicones. highlighters would inevitably only emphasize your shine so i'd so you're better off without. what i would suggest is wearing as little makeup as possible and priming your skin with a mattifying gel prior to putting on your studio fix. good luck to you! you could also try blotting papers.............

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