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Keeping busy stops acne

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I have moderate acne and i have been on the regimen since mid october it was working but i started way too fast and my skin was so red and dry i had to stop in early december the 5th to be precise.Anyway on the 7th December i got my holidays from uni and started working in a chicken factory from 5am to 7pm monday to saturday.In that time i just washed my face and moisturised in the mornings i was so busy and knackered i didnt have time to think about my skin and i never got a breakout in that time and suddenly i got off christmas eve and ive got 3 new spots.Come to think about when i worked there in the summer 2 years ago i never had any acne that summer has anyone else had that experience of being busy and not getting acne because of that.Maybe we have too much time or think about acne too much and that is why we have acne just a guess

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i find the exact same thing happens to me, during the holidays im too busy going out to worry about my skin and it stays consistently clear.. even if i forget to cleanse a few times! then.. holidays let up and school starts again and all the spots come back.. maybe its stress related? Not sure.. or maybe cos when you're busy you dont tend to touch your face as much as you would otherwise?

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