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Well it's called Cinema Secrets and I heard about it from someone and he said you could barely notice it's on and is very cormftable and is for guy which I'm so if any one of you ahve tried this please let me know If I should buy it or not and can you prefer any other make-ups becuase by the end of today i'll probably by a make-up to cover up my acne/scars.

My skin colour is kinda brownish it's much liek light brown so please tell me which colour suits me because I don't have a clue lol.

Check this out if you will.


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Guest funkychicken

oily makeup. It doesn't list the ingredients. Saying that, oil free can break people out.

Stick with minerals. It's really natural looking and not obvious. I've heard of men using dermablend on here without anybody noticing.

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Sorry for double posting but where what would you reccommend for me more dermabland or minerals.

I'm a male who's 14 and have abit acne and abit of scars on my cheeks and am light brown.

so please tell me which one should i get minerals or dermabland and where do I get either of the make-ups from or would you reccommend any other make up that cormftable and natural looking?

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Guest blackheadben

just go to the drugstore and buy a women's foundation. they work the same as men's and are cheaper. just make sure you get the right shade and no one will notice.

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