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SA and bp?

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isent SA suppose to unclog the pores then just use bp to get into them? , is anyone 100% clear by doing this if so list your products , and does SA damage hair or sensitivie parts?

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Guest Poker-Butt

i was doing this back in the day and it cleared me up...but then i started getting hormonal acne from taking some supplements and the sa and bp regimen i was doing just wasnt enough ....so now im on the regimen....dan's that is ....but if u have mild acne ..the sa and bp would work fine ...

when using sa i didnt find it to be "damaging" whatsoever

used both in the evening

i used clean and clear blackhead scrub "SA"

and clean and clear continuous control cleanser " 10% bp)

used the blackhead scrub alone in the mornings

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I'm doing the SA and BP thing now. I use Neutrogena Clear Pore Wash 2% SA. My face then has nice wide open pores ready to accept the BP (dans BP gel). I use no moistouriser but any of the reccomended ones is good.

Using the SA wash and BP method works well, i'm not totally clear but well on the way at almost 5 weeks on regimen.... good luck!

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sa and bp work very well together. unfortunately there are very few sa products in the market with the right ph and concentration. Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion or the neutrogena clear pore treatment are two options. or you can make your toner own using regular uncoated aspirin. aspirin is a derivative of sa and i've been using that for the last year and a half. aspirin is cheap and you can find it everywhere.

medicated cleansers with sa (or bp) don't do anything in terms of getting rid of acne because they are rinsed off anyways. in order for sa to be effective you need a leave on sa product. whether it's the aspirin toner or one of the neutrogena products i mentioned, use the sa product first then use your bp over it. listen to your skin and start slow. sa and bp are both acne medications and too much can irritate your skin. and if you're using a leave on product with sa, you shouldn't use a physical scrub. that would definately irritate your skin. sa and ahas are chemical exfoliators while scrubs such as physical exfoliators. you only need one preferably a chemical exfoliator since they get inside the pore wall whereas scrubs just scrub the surface and often contain ingredients that make acne worse.

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